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#RunDopey is an independent running group working together to help each other stay motivated and engaged in our training as take on the
Biggest Challenge of our lives.


We are using the Jeff Galloway training program given to us by the RunDisney organization website training to help us achieve our goal.

We are not in affiliation with RunDisney or Jeff Galloway and if you would like more extensive training we encourage our group members to go to the Jeff Galloway website and hire one of his trained coaches to help you.

We have used the Galloway program for several marathons and RunDisney events and his training, in our opinion is the best.
Train With Us
The Jeff Galloway Training Program

Jeff Galloway is a former Olympic Marathoner and a pioneer in the Walk/Run Interval method. Jeff is the Official Trainer for Run Disney and offers individual and group training as well. A main fixture at the Run Disney Expo, Jeff has trained thousands of successful participants and loves meeting his fans during race week. 
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Our Facebook Group

The #runDopey Facebook Group is a closed group of people who as it is said, surround yourself with others who think like you do. Run Dopey Facebook Group is diverse with members all over the world, containing different age groups, different skill levels, but with one passion- The Dopey. We share reservation secrets, Dopey hacks, best shoes, training tips, but most of all we share. 
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Our Support Team

Whether you have an injury, a bad run, fears about your POT (Proof of Time), don't feel like training that day, or just "Can I do it", we are all here to motivate each other and lend stories of past experiences that help. Doesn't matter if you are a New Dopey or and Old Hand, we are all part of The Dopey Family