About Our App


About the App

We started this App and Facebook group as a training tool just for our family to be able to train together in the Dopey Challenge.
It was a progressive web app and worked as a website/app that was downloadable by a link.

We asked if anyone else was using the Jeff Galloway training program and if they wanted to join us. It really snowballed from there.

Our group grew and grew with members all over the world!  A wonderfully diverse group of  people joining to help, support, and motivate each other.  We post pictures of our daily training runs, our triumphs, struggles, motivation, accountability, and unique stories. Many runners have completed several Dopey's and offer so much advice and tips that only Dopey's can give.

We are in the process now taking the Mobile App to the Apple stores and Google Play so it can be downloaded by everyone and together, with our Facebook group we will continue to have a very dynamic training plan in place.
Joining our Facebook group is Free and the Mobile App will be Free as well. To help offset the yearly and monthly cost, if you would like to donate in bringing the Mobile App to life, please Click below. 
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Some of  the  App Features:

  • Dopey Challenge Training Days Listed in order #1 through #90 and
    July thru January up to Race time

  • Link to Dopey Challenge Training Program PDF to have on your phone with you,
  • Link to RunDopey website with list of trainings month by month
  • Mark your training DONE by adding your completed training to your Favorites folder
  • Daily Motivation Sent to your phone
  • Nutrition Info and discussions
  • Information Links pertaining to training, running, nutrition,  & Disney,
  • Video and Audio Streaming to watch and listen to your podcasts and videos from your app, pertaining to running, health, injuries, motivation and more!