Welcome to our #runDopey Fundraising Hub!

At runDopey, we believe in the transformative power of running, and our community is not only dedicated to conquering the Dopey Challenge but also committed to making a positive impact beyond the race course. Our Fundraising page is a celebration of the diverse and heartfelt causes that each member of our team holds close to their hearts.

Why We Fundraise:
🌟 Beyond the Run: For us, running is more than just crossing finish lines; it's a journey of purpose and compassion. Our team members are inspired to fundraise for causes that resonate with their personal experiences and passions, ranging from supporting children, battling cancer, to honoring veterans. Every step we take is a step towards making a difference.
🤝 Community Giving: #runDopey is not just a team; it's a community with a collective commitment to giving back. Our Fundraising page serves as a testament to the generosity and kindness within our ranks. Together, we amplify our impact and extend our support to those in need.
What You'll Find Here:
🏃‍♀️ Diverse Causes: Explore the variety of causes our team members are championing. From children's charities to cancer research, veteran support, and beyond, each fundraiser represents a heartfelt commitment to making the world a better place.
👟 Run Disney Runs, Big Hearts: Our fundraising efforts go hand in hand with our love for Run Disney events. Whether it's a 5K, 10K, half marathon, or the epic Dopey Challenge itself, each run becomes an opportunity to raise awareness and funds for causes that matter.

How You Can Support:
🌈 Donate and Cheer: Feel the warmth of giving by contributing to a cause that speaks to you. Every donation, no matter the size, has the power to create meaningful change. Cheer on our Dopeys as they run with purpose, fueled by the support of a caring community.
🤗 Spread the Word: Share the stories of our fundraisers and their chosen causes. Your voice is a powerful tool in raising awareness, and together, we can inspire others to join our mission.

Join Us in Making Every Step Count:
Thank you for being a part of our #runDopey family and for considering supporting the causes that fuel our team's passion. Together, we lace up our running shoes and stride towards a future where every run makes a difference.

Explore our Fundraising page, embrace the stories, and join us in making every mile count!

** If you are on the Team and are fundraising, contact us by filling out the form below! **

Fundraiser! - Support Kellsie's Hope Foundation


Kellsie’s Hope Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides support to families with children suffering from cancer.

Thank you for your Support!
Jon Christian

Click Here Learn More About Kellsie's Hope Foundation

Fundraiser! - Support Team Red White and Blue

Dopey   team rwb logo2

Raising Funds to Forge America's Leading Health and Wellness Organization for Veterans

Thank you for your Support!
Christine Purvis

Click Here Learn More About Team RWB

Fundraiser! - Support Camp Kesem


I'm running for Camp Kesem in an effort to raise awareness and support for children impacted by a parent's cancer diagnosis.  Camp Kesem provides a space and community just for them to help address their needs and experiences.

Thank you for your Support!
Misti Hodges

Click Here Learn More About Camp Kesem

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